Other Services

Management accounting

We can help you develop your own management reporting systems or prepare quarterly accounts for you.  We are happy to provide the support and training required so that your staff can take over and prepare management accounts themselves.



We can help you choose the most approriate software for your organisation and guide you through the process of implementation, helping to ensure that the financial information is captured in a way that produces the most meaningful reports for you.


Company formation and charity registration

We can help you form your own company with the assistance of company formation agents.  Forming a new Charity means considering not only the objects and how they will lead to public benefit but consdering how the charity will be governed.  We are able to assist you through this process.


Business planning

In approving a set of accounts, the trustees/directors need to know where the organisation is going and that the plans for the future are robust.  We can help you in drafting, reviewing and testing your business plans.


Advice on employment status

Deciding whether someone is employed or self-employed can often be a minefield.  We can help review your existing contracts for services and suggest new ways in which posts can be structured to gain the benefits of self-employment, particularly useful when needing to provide short-term cover or when the work is time-limited.


Assistance with recruitment

Clients often ask us to assist with the recruitment of new finance staff, especially at the more senior levels.  We can help by:

  • Developing interview excercises to test candidates understanding of key financial matters
  • Reviewing CVs and assisting with shortlisting
  • Being part of the interview panel.


Internal audit services

We can provide an internal audit service tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.